Tuesday, September 18, 2007

i will miss the cocoa krispies

Today was my last full day in Oxford. We are heading out to London tomorrow. The title is expressing my sadness for leaving here. Cocoa Krispies every morning, it has been a real treat. No really...Oxford is a sweet place.

Monday we took a tour around the town with Colin Duriez (author of "The Gift of Friendship", a book about Lewis and Tolkien) He showed us all the popular haunts of those two, the colleges they taught at. We walked behind Magdelene college (where Lewis taught) on that path that he and tolkien would have walked. Apparently the conversation they had on that walk was very important to Lewis's conversion. Pretty cool place.

I also ate dinner last night in The Eagle and The Child- a pub that they are famous for attending with their friends. It was delicious food..one of the best pubs i've been in so far.

Today we went to Blackwell's-a bookstore with over 3 miles of shelves. To be honest it felt like a slightly bigger barnes and noble. I prefer the small used bookshops over places like that. It was nice though and I did buy a copy of Screwtape Letters. More books to read & carry...what am i thinking!

I am excited to go to London (no studying all week--just a couple of plays to attend) It will be fun to just explore. It will be our first of a few trips there so I will have plenty of time to see everything.

I guess that is all for me for now. I might not be able to update for a while, so until next time....


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Luci said...

How cool to finally see some pictures of your stay there! What fun you are having! A play at Globe! How neat is that! Enjoy yourself what a tremendous opportunity you have before you! We are in the throws of marching band season. Competitions begin the 29th. I am trying to teach my 6th graders to march and play a halftime show for the parade of bands on the 16th of Oct. I must keep reminding myself that most of them aren't 12 yet! We are doing a Rocky theme. Eye of the Tiger, Gonna Fly Now, & Final Countdown! More later!
Love you!