Wednesday, September 26, 2007


pictures! yay!
1) this one is for kelly...the cool mosaic i saw in tralfagar sqaure. absolutely beautiful.
2) me inside of the London Eye! That is big ben down there and parliament.
3) That's the man himself-William "Freaking" Gladstone. He was a prime minister and he built st. dieniols-where we stayed. He was the one who had that huge collection of books--which he read 22,000 of the 32,000!
4) hilary, kirsten, david, and caleb eating on the steps of a monument. the food came from a street vendor. the cheapest and most delicious pizza. only 1.50 (pounds). yum!
5) That is me there on top of the steps C.S. Lewis used to get into his house (the Kilns) in oxford. we got to tour the house. They had his writing desk (complete with pipe) set up and everything. OH and here is an interesting fact: Lewis and his wife Joy could play scrabble in 5 different languages!
6) Les Miserbales!!!!!
7) from left: Bethany, Me, Kirsten, Dave, Hilary, Jennifer, Caleb at Buckingham Palace after our stellar tour.

Well that's all for now! Love you all.


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