Tuesday, November 27, 2007

finals week....

sunset in cotswolds, england.
our house on the ocean near plymouth.
what class is like on england term
(Bethany, Caleb, and me)

our scene group at sheafhayne manor. we performed a scene from twelfth night.

(alex as malvolio, eve as fabian, britta as toby, i played sir andrew, bethany as maria)
lands end, england. facing home sweet home. ill be there soon.

Me and my man-David.

Florence, Italy

Greatest picture I took in Florence
can't go to italy without trying the espresso;)
beautiful fall day in Lake Como, Italy
BEST night in London (Hilary and I)

me and the eiffel tower (pretty obvious)
now we are in free travel. this is in Nice, France, on the med. sea (it wasn't exactly beach

weather, but it was still beautiful)
in cannes, france, at the spot where the film festival is held, those are mel gibsons hand prints.

gorgeous october day in cannes. i actually swam in this water.

Hilary, Kirsten, and Me in Cannes

Me, Hilary, Bethany, & Kirsten with our Godfather I & II deserts at Bella Italia in London. Yum Yum Yum.

Me, Caleb, Bethany, & Kirsten with the Peter Pan statue in Kensington Gardens, London
I met my friend Keri (fellow bethel study-abroader) in paris. This is at the Louvre
Quite possibly my favorite moment on this trip. this is thibault, he was a foreign exchange student our senior year of highschool. He is studying art in paris. We went out for gelato at Amarinos. the BEST gelato place in Paris.
class picture (minus joe) at luxemborg gardens in Paris (hemingway spot)

sorry these are out of order, but this sums up the last month or so for me. I will be home soon. (10 days!) so see you all soon.



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Mulks said...

i'm glad that thibault and i made your favorite moment on your trip! even tho pretty sure it was just b/c you got to see thibault..i will pretend like it was because of me too! i havent seen him since that night by the metro...craziness..anyway; glad you enjoyed your time in paris and cannes!