Friday, September 4, 2009

Waste Not, Read A Lot

My new slogan. I am an official employee of Half-Price Books in Roseville. Finally--employment, and not just of the boring kind. I get to spend my days around books, movies, and fun interesting folk. It was my first day today so my optimism is at peak levels.

My beginnings have finally arrived.

I am sitting in what will eventually become the sewing/craft/writing room of my new home: 339 2nd st, northeast minneapolis. For now it is full of boxes of pottery and some computer cords. The place is taking shape though. Our things are slowly filling the nooks and corners of these rooms. Jillian's herbs are in the garden. The smells of our baking come through the many windows. The boxes are flattened and sitting in a pile on our porch. In just a weeks time this place has become home. It is funny to think that just a few mugs on a shelf, your favorite pillow on the couch, a portrait nailed to a wall can transform nothing-ness into something-ness.

And what will this place be in a few months, as we add more of those somethings to these nothings.

We will wait and see.

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