Wednesday, August 1, 2007

according to

excitement: noun the feeling of lively and cheerful joy.
noun a feeling or state of great joy or pride; exultant gladness; high spirits.
in other words.... bliss, buoyancy, buzz, charge, cloud nine, delight, ecstasy, enthusiasm, euphoria, exaltation, excitement, exhilaration, exultation, glee, high, high spirits, intoxication, jollies, joy, joyfulness, joyousness, jubilation, kick, kicks, rapture, transport, triumph, up , upper.

those words can't even come close to describing how I feel about these next four months. It is coming so soon. august 21st feels like it is days away. am I prepared? ha I don't have a thing packed...but I am ready to go. Whenever anybody asks me about this fall I instantly get a glow about me. I can feel it, maybe it is a case of the jollies..:) I like that they have that word in the thesaurus. I am thrilled to the point of bursting. The only expression I can make is "bahh." Sure I have things to plan, stuff to pack, books to read, decisions to make. If I start to think over those things I get stressed...but just the thought of traveling, the thought that I will be in a new place with new people doing new things that I have never done before. puts me at rest, in a restless way. If that makes sense. I am restless to leave, not restless about leaving. That sounds confusing. I suppose I should save space on this blog for all the stories and moments from my trip, but I just can't contain it. I am overflowing with joy inside. Just ask me about it and I might explode.


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kelsey Kain said...

Anne! I love what you wrote! We are kindred spirits! Especially "I have a case of the jollies" and "I am bursting with excitement".

Love you and so excited when you are excited! I get happy when I know you are happy!