Thursday, August 23, 2007

I've arrived!

hello friends,

so here i am, in edinburgh scotland sipping a latte in the coffee shop where j.k. rowling dreamed up harry potter. we have only been here 1 day but it feels like 10. the apartments we are staying in are very quaint. i don't know if it has sunken in yet that i am here. it still all feels so surreal. the cobblestone paths, the shops, the cathedrals, the scottish accents, the green is all breathtaking and i wish i could just sit and enjoy it. i feel so rushed at the moment--several of us are sharing internet right now, so i guess i will end for now. hopefully i will have more lively posts later, and even add some pictures...but for now i just want to say that i am safe, content, and excited that this is all finally beginning. until next time.


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kkofmehl said...

So did you think up a multi-billion dollar character as you sat there drinking your latte? Cuz that would be sahweet!