Friday, September 14, 2007

Drumroll please....

I now have finally found the time to put some pictures up. I wish I could put them all up, but that would take FOREVER...considering I have already taken around 300. yikes! Starting with the top we have the Queen herself, she came to the highland games in braemar while we were there.
Next is Hilary and I brilliantly stealing bread from a baker at Sterling Castle. We are a pretty good team.
Reading Wordsworth on Wordsworth street. I found this picture to be essential.
The view from catbells in the lake district. That is looking down on Lake Derentwater (I butchered that spelling) and the town of Keswick, where we stayed.
The Bondant Gardens (again spelling wrong I am sure) in North Wales. It was like the Secret Garden with lots of lily pools and stone steps and wooden bridges. It was beautiful.
Going back in time-that is a picture of Kirsten and I on top of Arthurs Seat in Edinburgh. We were siked to have finally made it to the top.
Last picture is of me and my TRUE love-baguettes.

I know that isn't a lot. I realize too that many of the pictures I thought I had are actually on other cameras. Oh well. I hope that gives you a little bit of a recap.

We are finishing up our time here at St. Deiniols. We leave tomorrow for Oxford, but first we are going to stop in Stratford and catch a matinee of Twelfth Night.

I will be sad to leave St. Deiniols. It has been a great place to get some much needed rest and study. We did see some neat sights though, like those gardens. We also learned a little welsh this week by visiting a town in North Wales with a super long name. here it is:



The church of mary in the hollow of the white hazel near the fierce whirlpool and the church of tysilio by the red cave.

basically it sounds like a lot of spitting:)

Hope all is well back home.

Until next time!

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Mkofmehl said...

I love the pictures especially because you are in them. I wish I would have done that when I was there. I remember seeing that same sign of the town with the long name. It's so cool and you are there now. I think we may have been at those gardens too. The picture of the queen is cool too. Love, Mom