Monday, September 10, 2007

my deepest apologies

i am sorry it has been so long since my last update. finding time to use the internet can be tough. thankfully DT has come to rescue, and allowed me to use his computer.

It is about dinner time over I don't have a ton of time to write, but I will give you a brief summary of my last week.

We were in Keswick (in the Lake District) famous of course for William Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter. We explored both of their homesteads, and even saw the original illustrations of ms. potter's. We did a lot of hiking, the lake district is absolutely beautiful. Lots of lakes surrounded by small mountains and green pastures with lots of sheep. We were just minutes away from one lake where you could ride a boat to several stops and then get off and hike around. We hiked on the of the small mountains, cat bells (and no it has nothing to do with cats or bells). It was quite the hike, but the view was amazing. We sat up there for a while and had lunch and just relaxed.

So far I've been impressed by all the places we have visited and the friendliness of the people there.

We left the lake district on friday and we are now in st. deiniols in hawarden (pronounced harden) in wales. We are staying at a live in library, every english majors dream i think. The library has 250,000 books and lots of places to just sit and read. It is lovely here. I wish we could stay here for longer. I am definitely getting some much needed alone time/studying done.

It is nice to be away from the city and the sightseeing and just be for a while.

we took a trip to liverpool on sunday and walked around one of the docks and saw some cathedrals. I was actually pretty disappointed in them. They seemed more like commercialized tourist attractions than houses of the holy. Still we happened to catch both of them (the anglican and the catholic) during their evensong service. The singing was beautiful and uplifting.

We are here until friday and then we move onto oxford. I hope I've given an okay update...but I really need to run. I'm hungry!!

Hope you are all doing well. Until next time...


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