Saturday, September 1, 2007

quick update

My internet is being timed. 12 minutes and counting. so I will make this quick. We are staying a youth hostel in braemar. We spent the whole day today at a highland gathering. Lots of men in kilts throwing large heavy objects, bagpipes, oh and the queen was there. It was a lot of fun, just sitting and people watching. there was even a guy passing out free hugs, how awesome is that!

These last few days we were at a active outdoor pursuits resort in newtonmore, scotland. We did a little gorge-walking (aka wading/walking through 40 degree water) it was a thrilling experience. we jumped off cliffs. the largest one was 25 plus feet. I can't believe I actually did it. I wish I had pictures to share. We also white water rafted and I rock climbed. It was all so much fun and it was great to do everything as one big group. It was refreshing to be away from the city, we really had a chance to bond. (who wouldn't bond after sharing such experiences and did i mention the attractive wet suits we got to wear...yeah that will bring you closer)

so to put a blanket statement on it: these last three days have been an adventure. I've tried things I never thought I would try and really just relaxed. tonight i sat by a river with jayne taylor and hilary and just listened to the water in a river below and it was a perfect moment. it was peaceful. we wandered down a road and discoverd it. as jayne put it, 'we were meant to take the wrong path, we were meant to see this.'

so now we move on tomorrow to the lake district (keswick in england) it will be a 5 hour drive or so. kind of long, but i am sure we will manage. i will have more access to internet there so hopefully i can finally get some pictures up! I've taken lots.

hope that gives you all enough of an update. i am sure you are all getting pumped for classes:)

until next time. love you all.

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