Monday, June 22, 2009

the trying

For us, there is only the trying. The rest is not our business.- t.s. eliot (from east coker-the four quartets)

The trying. So here is my attempt. My raid on the inarticulate you might say. I've enjoyed reading others' blogs, but have never felt the urge to keep this one going. I guess I haven't found much blog-worthy material in my life as of late. But then again who is to say what is blog-worthy. These days anyone with a creative mind (or lack there of), access to a computer, and a load of free time on their hands can call out their thoughts into the endless cyber-space.

Here I am in the middle of my way, post-grad, new to the neighborhood of northeast minneapolis, unemployed, embarking on.... whatever comes next. Seems like a good time to pick up a new hobby. Knowing my restless self, I'll abandon this venture in a few months for a new one, baking perhaps? or crocheting? We shall see. I hope I can persist.

This is my end becoming a beginning.

ps--I hereby swear to not be so quote-heavy with t.s. eliot in the future, at the moment though his words are on my brain and seem a good subsitute for my lack of words. feel free to keep me accountable to this promise.

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stephanie marie johnson said...

I will not hold you accountable, but only for my benefit.